About Us

Eastern Wind Power, Inc. (EWP), based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has designed, built and tested a Sky Farm™ 50 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) to be roof mounted on high-rise buildings, or pole mounted in open, high wind areas. We have joint ventured with Siemens Industry, Inc. which has developed our generator and inverter system. We have designed a mobile unit particularly for disaster relief applications. We also provide a 30 kW system with the same turbine design.

As of September 2011, our full-scale prototype Sky Farm™ 50 kW is NSTAR grid connected, producing power, and has undergone durability testing at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport in Edgartown, Massachusetts. EWP is conducting blade icing tests  with 3M and DuPont coatings on our blade fixed on top of Mt. Washington, NH – through the courtesy of the Mt. Washington State Park.